Saturday, July 5, 2008

About What's New MY RANT

I have tried to really not go into defending what's New in the past, I have recently twice though, because its personal to me when someone has digs at it.

Today whoever posts next will be the 1000th post for the blog- that will probably happen while I'm writing this so congratulations-and since it started on the 1st of December 2007 thats a pretty nice number.

Now come back in time with me for a second, towards the end of last year, the feed was a cesspool, day in day out all it was was drama, big gigantic vendettas against other bloggers and designers, every day it was something, and not good somethings.

People were paying not as much attention to the fashion posts or the new release posts at all, it was all about who was backstabbing whom, and what the next drama was going to be. If you weren't around then , or you didn't yet have knowledge of the feed, then I am so glad for you, I really am, because its something that not many are proud of at all , or would even want to remember.

Back then also there was a definite missing in action on Tao's part, he has allot more going on than the feeds upkeep, and people were always complaining about not being able to get on there. There were also a handful of people, Designers who were really afraid of blogging their items- this is fact I know, because I have had the convo's.

Many Designers and people like me that work for Designers, always believed that fash con should have a blog, a place were all that posted notices in world, were actually able to post on a blog as well, that way not only could those willing to be in the group have notices in world, but those that don't want constant drop downs were still able to keep up with all posts at their own convenience.

I waited for that, hoped that it would occur but it never did. But there was a need for it , a place were there was no drama, no what people had for lunch - yes that is one of the rules on what's new - just a blog where Designers could post on content only, include a slurl and pics and that was it.

It has also ALWAYS been suggested that people DO NOT post same things same day if they have their own blog, I am not their mothers, I have tried to keep the posts as clean as possible to the rule of no drama no bloggy type posts, you can ask anyone that posts there that has done one, how fast I am in their box sobbing and saying please don't.

I have also suggested to people that do have blogs on the same feed, to perhaps even do a montage pic or one or two and link to their own blog for the rest of their new releases, some do that , some don't, again I am not their mother.

The idea of What's New was also a place for people that really didn't want to even see other blogs , that only wanted to know what was new from some stores and thats it, they only want to shop.

I at the beginning regretted adding it to the feed, because of the complaints from some -not enough to make me really regret it - but realised early on still, that many were using it as their ONLY way of communicating NEW releases, and that if the blog wasn't on the feed those people would miss out on the coverage of everyone else.

Complaining aside for a second, of all the Designers on there, yes NOW a majority have their blogs finally on the feed, but some of those that do never had a blog to begin with, What's New gave them the practice and the motivation to really grow in the marketing of their stores , they also found that it made them HUMAN to many customers , when they were seen outside of in world notices, and actually had words.

It also gave us as consumers the chance to see people we had never seen before, lets remember that for a second , there are plenty on What's New who are so grateful to the blog for giving them that exposure, I can name a few that would say so , but I wont , you know who doesn't have a blog that you only see their releases on Whats New, do you actually want to go without those too ?. Or do you want to take away what gave you their current blogs now ?.

The reasons behind What's New as I have said was for one place for anyone to visit/bookmark, and only see those things, that its on the feed was a bonus, now I have thought of asking people that have their own blogs on the feed to maybe give up their spots, as I have a waiting list, but then why is that fair either?.

If I was to take those Designers off what's new just so that you don't see repeats in the same day, then that means people that go directly to the site and not the feed miss out on those Designers content , again how is that fair.

I have today changed the feed list to only show partial listings , will that make a difference I don't know, will it make people happy ? I doubt it allot, thing is that by doing that to make the people that are too caught up in their own needs happy, its going to mean that the images that promote that designers goods wont show, so that also means that if they don't have a blog on the feed and you are only seeing their content on What's New you will miss out.

Because most of us are people that are visually driven , if a pic is captivating enough we want to know more, hopefully though they will post their pics first and it will include a pic one at least, and again I hope that that One pic is enough for people to want to see what else they have to show, again I doubt it , as we all have different tastes , so their first pic might be an item of no interest but the next four might be something we would tp naked and bald to get our hands on.

Do I feel ill about changing the format of a tool that has made so many designers happy, HELL YES! - I almost cussed then and I abhor that in blogs, but unfortunately thats how upset I am about that.

Everyone complaining and carrying on because they see something twice, should really think hard about who you are complaining about, it's not me, I only own the blog, its the designers you all supposedly love and admire so much, designers make choices, and they choose to post how they want to, that they post twice at the same time, is because they see further than the feed, they know that people using the Whats New blog directly deserve to know whats new for them at the same time as everyone else.

From a marketing/customer stand point , I also know that there are times I view the feed and scroll down and get to one item and thats it for me , close link and I am off to the store, so if they post on What's New first thats the image that got me going, if they post on it second it could mean its further down and it really impacts the second time and again off I go.

I am going to keep the feed posting to partial until ONE designer tells me they want it back, if that happens its going back, because IT IS THEIR BLOG I just own the darn thing, if you are so displeased with it being that way , then I double dog dare you to IM the actual designers doing it and take it up with them, you tell them you don't want to see their items twice on the feed , that it makes you so nuts and that you wont shop in their store until they stop, because thats what all the comments saying it makes you hate the item is really doing, announcing that they are obligated to please you.

no kisses or hugs I'm mad


Alexa Lioncourt said...

Once again, I have to say that people should deal with their issues in private, not by making the kind of posts that was linked to FP. People grow up! Deal with your issues face to face, not Blahging about them. I'm not debating the issue at hand, I'm simply saying it was poorly handled.

Milla Michinaga said...

Sasy, please go back to how it all was! You are one of the most sensible people in the fashion industry, so if you think something is good or right, it probably is!
I have my own blog but I still use What's New as I strongly believe it reaches a different audience all together.
And as a consumer, I find it invaluable for finding new content creators (FashCon soon got to be to much for me in-world).
If somebody finds the fashion feed offensive, they should just create their own feed (I do that myself).
Love, Milla

Lexi Morgan said...

*hugs* Sasy even though you're mad because this isnt something you should have to receive complaints about. You are only trying to help people. So, that said, I welcome anyone that has a problem with my posting style, to talk to me about it directly.

Alexa Lioncourt said...

p.s. - the above comment is not aimed toward Sasy, it was aimed at the person that posted the FP blog that started all of this. Sasy knows I love her <3

Sasy Scarborough said...

thats ONE designer , thanks Milla and everyone *huggles* returning it to the way it was

xox Sasy xox

Ana Lutetia said...
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Ana Lutetia said...

What's New it's a great idea for a blog. I believe everyone thinks the same about it and I didn't saw anyone complaining about the What's New blog. Maybe it's my timezone and I read the feed at different times than you.

I agree with Milla fashCon is too much to keep up with and What's New it's a great blog to see what's new in SL fashion world.

SySy Chapman said...

Sasy, take a deep breath girl ;)
As I understood, the post wasn't complaining about your whats new blog, but about *certain* blogs being ALWAYS on top of the feed. Thats what i see happening too, i don't know how it works but thats what the post was about I thought? Not about the whats new blog, i think its a great thing.

Being completely honest here, i see this happening with two blogs and one of them is yours LOL. Now i can live with it, it just can get annoying for others, i too get confused what i've read and what not, if the same post is on top of the feed for hours ;)

Sasy, gonna IM you in world..cause indeed this shouldn't be a drama in the blogs and as far as i'm concerned, there's no drama at all in fact.

But please understand I have NOTHING to complain about the whats new blog, and i don't believe thats what the initial post was about.
TTY in world <3

Sasy Scarborough said...

it had nothing to do with Phoenix's post , I know 100% who that post was refering to, that wasnt my issue my issue was seeing in comments when feed stuff gets brought up people complaining about double posts, also I had an IM today saying the same thing, saying they get annoyed by it but that was a general conversation , so it got me upset that this keeps coming up and I never defended the blog.

as for my post staying up top , I dont edit and if i have in the past I have done so on the request of the designer due to slurl being wrong or a non mention of another designer involved.

If my blog sits up top and doesn't move I cant do a thing about it , I will argue the point that its about timezones until I'm blue in the face as its the only logical reason.

The feed grabs refreshes whatever you want to call it and my thinking is that when it does so it boils down to what times are registering in each blog , I do not know that for sure, but if anyone wants to sit and take notes of when i post and see that that doesn't change at all they can do so by all means.

or better yet everyone change your times to mine :P

xox Sasy xox

Sasy Scarborough said...

something else just occured to me , blogger now and wp always has a function to post on the days times you want to post , I do not know how many use that function I know that savoir hair does now , so again possibly if some use that it could ignore the times and post based on the day change so again if that was the case those posts woudlnt ever hit the top at all


xox Sasy xox

SySy Chapman said...

^^ *talked to sas in world*
TIMEZONES! I'm in Europe, mine always ends up low. LMAOO but i dont' care. TIMEZONES that must be in folks. AGAIN: i have NO problem with whats new, i'm using it for myself to shop, i'm using it for my own blog posts (yes DOUBLE but i wait always 1 or 2 days :P) and i even found new (to me) designers on there. So please keep it all up!

Anonymous said...

Definitely the timezones thing - only thing makes any sense, 'cos I *know* Sasy would never have time to doctor post times. She's too busy putting the next post together, making me spend lots of L's, or being The Opinionator!!

Teagan Blackthorne said...

This new feature is blogger saves me from having to worry about the blog while on vacation. It will publish itself as long as I have done the blogs and set them to go. The ones that are set for my vacation are set between 9 - 10 am blogger time whatever that is.

I think you point stands. Not everyone reads the feeds. Why should you limit the contact of the blog because these people will be left out of the loop? You shouldn't.

Grazia said...

That was me having a chat with Sasy in world, and yes... I do get annoryed by the double post on What's new AND the several designer blogs. But that is not Sasy's fault... I think that designers should be more sensible on when and what they post.

As Sasy says... she just owns the blog, and other than providing guidelines, whuch she does... the blog is made by the designers. So come on people... be creative.. don't post the same things at the same time on What's New and on your own blog on the same feed.

Do a different post for the various blogs... or have a day or so between posting. Exposure is good marketing wise... but I know that when I see the same stuff almost straight after another... I tend to ignore it alltogether.

Sasy... I didn't mean to tick you off.... I believe we've always been able to tell eachother what we think... and it is nothing personal.... or even against What's New... I just wish the users of the blog would be a little bit more sensible what they post when they know that it is on a feed that is flooded with people blogging the same things all the time.


Just my 2cts.....

Sasy Scarborough said...

hugs Grazia it didn't honey its been simmering for a long time, if you go back through any comments about the feed it rears up, and like I said I have held back so to speak but today just got the better of me , because as I also said to you in IM , I tend to react for others.

My rant wasn't for me ,it was for the rights of the Designers to post how they see fit for their label,and you can say anything in my box :) but once and for all it needed to be said .

xox Sasy xox

Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

I think that the top of the feed issue is a whole other thing, what ticks me off is that people I KNOW live in the US are using Aussie timestamps to stay up there. I think if everyone set their Blog time to SLT (PST/PDT), then we would all be represented fairly. Wishful thinking on my part, it'll never happen, but it is on my wishlist.

As far as the What's New Double Post Issues, I just think that since you do have a waiting list Sasy, you might decided that those that do have Feed representation (Their Own Shop Blog) phase out of the What's New Blog over a month or so, letting people know they are now on the feed and directing people there, then giving up their spots to someone who has no representation anywhere.

It is a shame that these issues come up time and again, and that anyone feels personally responsible. You are not Sasy. I think we have to recognize that the Planet Feed is a Community, and really we all owe it to each other to be good neighbors and respect the public space.

~ Ketsy

Shimere Felisimo said...

Well, there is such a thing as a scroll wheel...when I see duplicate posts, I just scroll through them, no big deal.

But I'm a shopper, not a content creator. I think the real issue is not having to read posts twice, but that double-exposure gives designers more time on the feed before the posts roll off...but honestly, the way the feed tends to work, it can never be fair. If you post on a day there's a lot of activity, it might be seen for half a day. During a slow time, it might be on the feed for two days or more. And what about bloggers who just seem to favor certain designers? You can't tell people what to, the feed will never be 100% fair, so I'd go back to doing your blog the way you want.

BTW, I always read the feed from the bottom up, so that if I can't get through the whole thing, I'm less likely to miss anything when I come back to it.

Jem said...

No offence Sasy as I have nothin at all against you but you posted this blog hours ago and it is still at the top of the feed with newer ones under it.

Somethings wrongs somewhere, isn\\\'t it?

Sasy Scarborough said...

yup i did if you look at the time of my posting nothing whatsoever has changed at all but i have seen it move twice and i'm going to show that later because something very freaky is going on

Anonymous said...

No, nothings *wrong*. It's just the way the tech stuff works. There's nothing untoward going on here. Sasy lives in a diff TZ, when the aggregator sees the blog has been updated (like with a comment) it grabs it again, and orders the feed posts by time, so it ends up at the top again, as for me it's Saturday night, for Sasy it's Sunday morning. Just one of them things.

Ashia Tomsen said...

Well six months of emails, offlines and notecards haven't worked. My blog will never get on the sodding feed. But you know Sas, without whats new, I'd be an emo mess on the corner thinking I'd done something to piss off the wrong person! Quite frankly I could'nt give a stuff what position in the feed my whats new post gets, as long as it "gets" on the feed. Loves ya Sas, and the invaluable service you provide designers like me. Oh ya, and I have totally given up emailing Tao, waste of time and energy.

Sasy Scarborough said...

thank you Ashia

Dove Swanson said...

I changed the timezone on my shop blog, and on Law's Half Arsed blog to umm ..I think it's London time? So that when we make a post, they actually end up on TOP of the feed, rather than half way down the page or at the bottom. I don't fiddle with it to remain on top though, nor do I mess with posts to repop up there.

I know that when you edit a post it will push it back to the top. I also think that if you post more than once to the same blog in a day, that new post will drag your old one to the top with it.

I think these are just things that are a given and we just have to get over it. It can be annoying, sure, but at the end of the day it takes what... .5 seconds to scroll past a post you've already read?

Just do what you do Sasy and shake it off! There are people posting daily that are FAR less considerate than you. <3

zaara kohime said...

I started my shop beginning on January(or December?:P), as a small 10x10 stall in an Indian mall.

I tried to get on the fashion feed, repeated emails and note-cards nothing happened for a very long time. Thats when i was suggested i shd check out Sasy's blog. i sent her an IM-(i was yet in the 10x10 block). She added me within minutes !
i have since then moved into a main store and a bunch of other stores- and it just would not have been possible without her blog.

oh and i also got on the feed.. after 6 months :P