Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New @ The Deck

_TuttiFrutti_ Skulls Ultra Low Legging
_TuttiFrutti_ Black Widow  Ultra Low Jeans
_TuttiFrutti_ Cool Hive Ultra Low Jeans
_TuttiFrutti_ Los Muertos UL Shorts - Mango Tie-Dye Ruffled Tee
Tutti Frutti has released more lovelies. These items can be found with all of their other great clothing at Tutti Frutti @ The Deck.

Click HERE to TP to Tutti Frutti @ The Deck

Flair - Rumble Slat House - Furniture - Ripple Vendor Pic
Flair - Rumble Slat House - Midori Furnished Vendor Pic
Flair - Rumble Slat House - Greype Vendor Pic
Flair - Rumble Slat House - Furniture - Cafe Vendor Pic
Skyboxes built with Flair, you can purchase furnished or without, or buy the furniture seperate. Designed to be skyboxes but totaly mod/copy so can be land dwellings also. All inside textures created for this build. Four colour schemes to choose from. Demo build at Flair @ The Deck

Click Here to TP to Flair @ The Deck

Alt Tapioca Prefabula
Alt Tapioca Prefabula II
A Collaberation project between W.Winx and Flair, we give you ALT. First up are two builds designed for stores. Shelving and display areas built in to make setting up your store a breeze. Mod/Copy so that you can make your own changes if needed to suit you.

Click HERE to TP to ALT @ The Deck

Monday, June 21, 2010

New items @ The Deck

Maitreya Gold AllureMaitreya
CamdenJacket Card1Maitreya

Maitreya @ The Deck has updated the store. Lots of the latest releases now available at this location.

Click HERE to TP to Maitreya @ The Deck

Shape It Up 49L

Shape it Up is having a SALE on two of their Male shapes, for the Jaunty Magazine 49L Sale. Do not miss out on this chance to pick up great shapes at a great price. Perfect for people that need different looking avatars for press work, blogging, or designer ads.

Click to TP to Shape it Up @ The Deck.

Jade_easel_newskin copy


Tuli has set up her Jade and Sayuri skins in easy to use vendors, all tones all make ups. As well as her shapes.
Come and try on the demos of these gorgeous skins.

Click to TP to Tuli @ The Deck