Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What have YOU Done ? and a Movie

Preparing for this post made me tear up - yes I am that bad. Yesterday Callie Cline sent me a LM to her Display at SL5B the Celebrations happening in Phils Place for the 5th Birthday Celebrations of our wonderful world.

You see thats the thing, it is Yours/Ours, they aren't making it up when they say "Your World Your Imagination". The funny thing, or perhaps the sad thing, is that this whole time I have been here , I never gave that saying enough credit. I like many I am sure , gave it the usual pfft of corny sales pitch and that was about it.

Don't get me wrong, I am so not jaded about Phils Place, I celebrate I hope its wonder every single day in my own way. But in as I said , preparing for this post I saw that I myself am lacking considerably in the My World stakes.

Callie Cline though doesn't, and you can see that ten fold in her Dream Display, its wonderful. It embraces everything she has ever done or set out to do in Phils Place. She has kept a running record of every press clipping every single release she has done , all her memories are there amongst what was in the beginning a dream and has become a reality for her and those she loves.

I envy that, and until today and this display I didn't know that I did. I have done things in Phils Place I am proud of , some people actually know of most of them , some only know a few, and thats fine. Some things I can't share that I have had a hand in because ultimately they belong to the people that made them happen, and there are others that have openly expressed that I have, and I am always honored when that happens.

But looking at the Dreams display at Callie Clines exhibit at the SL5B I really again admired her strength and purpose here, what she sets out to do she does, and there is no stopping that determination, its exactly what this celebration is and should be, a showing of what people have achieved in their time here, and what it is that makes being a resident of Phils Place so memorable.

Thank you Callie for showing me that, I hope to embrace it and keep it and go on to do and be a part of incredible things.

I hope that you all go and see this exhibit and I hope that you take from it what I have , the want to go through all your things you have made , gathered and been given in your time here , and sort through your pictures and notecards and maybe come up with your own Dreams Exhibit , if for nothing or no one but yourself ♥ You deserve it !.

Callie Clines Dream

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caLLie cLine said...

aww sassyfrass...

you know making that exhibit was weird.. i didn't know what to do at first... but a theme here in sl and in my RL is "dream"... see "possibilities"... and try to look for the good and ways to help, serve and create...

my skills as a builder suck basically... i can sorta texture... and this "dream" concept from the b&w (sorta blank canvas) in her room where she's like taken by the wonder of sl... and i remembered back to thinking... "gosh, i have no talent.. and i can never do anything here in sl" to slowly making stuff and doing stuff and being ENCOURAGED by so many cool people... and seeing, "wow, i can do some stuff i guess"

i never made sleeves after i started making clothes cuz i was afraid to... i never did flexi skirts for like a year cuz i was afraid... and the ones i did looked terrible...

i'm pretty slow... in learning skills and doubt myself constantly... so it really is "dreaming" than helps me to try things... cuz i think "what if?"

sl has been great for me to try stuff, even in my own slow way... one day ill try a sculptie, hahaha, and NOT use the free apple for sleeves, haahah

oh well.. im so glad it inspired you and i am thankful for you contributions here. there have been so many..

i will be adding stuff for teh next 2 weeks to the "dream" then moving the build to my sim and inviting others to share their dream :)

that should be fun.

huggs ms. sassafrass.