Thursday, June 19, 2008


A notice came through Fash Con tonight, and I "Thought" I recognised the designer, not knowing them well enough by sight to be sure , opened the notecard and thought 'that cant be right '.

Sure enough it wasn't, MAD Designs has been a victim of a copy avatar and store name, with that notice going through a second followed shortly after righting the wrong.

Again I opened the notecard and OMG Crush Crush Crush , these are the types of ads that you just want to pretend your 15 again and plaster all over the walls to your bedroom lol.

Anyway Crush aside these are the latest Shapes releases from MAD Designs, and OMG Yum.

Mitchum is my fav, because he looks enough like my Mel to get away with it , especially in the glasses.

So if you are looking for male shapes of yummyness , get on over to MAD Designs and check them out :o) .

MAD Designs

and their flickr group too if you want to perve more lol, HERE .


Thema Felix said...

I think men who buy Flash, Derek, and Smokey need to come over to my place for a little "get to know your shape" powwow. I'm so happy to help with all the tiny (or not so tiny) details


Anonymous said...

I want Mitch kplxthx!

Maegen Parvenu said...

Is it bad that I want my guy to get like, half of those? I don't know how I could pick just one. :D

Sasy Scarborough said...

lol too cute

xox Sasy xox

Whimsy Winx duh! said...

ooh! thanks for the perve link OXOXO

Ryker Beck said...

Can I perv all over Marcus???...