Saturday, March 1, 2008


Due to a popular need for non naked posters for the IP Rights awareness campaign , Chez has created this ad for people to use that may be in PG rated sims etc.

PLEASE spread it around and contact Chez Nabob if you need one and also feel free to save picture from this blog, click it to make it bigger first and save as jpeg, to use on your own blogs if need be.

This effects the entire grid so this is the best way for us all to help one another and showing support is what is going to help keep designers in world that are feeling they are dealing with this alone.

xoxo Sasy xoxo


Anonymous said...

btw, it's linden lab not linden labs

Sasy Scarborough said...

You're right thank you for pointing it out, errors happen especialy when passion is prompting your typing

have a great day

xoxoSasy xoxo

Robert said...

omg when oh when oh when oh when will you people realise that things such as texture interception CAN NOT EVER BE PREVENTED !!!!
If it appears on your screen it can be stolen in one way or another.
It doesn't matter how much or who you lobby you can't prevent it.

Stop beating the dead horse already and start using the DMCA process, that's what it's there for.

Anonymous said...

Robert has a point there- unfortunately there's not much that can be done to protect our work in world from things like texture interception and unscrupulous people. I will reiterate that I think LL makes the DMCA process a bit overwhelming for us, and we should concentrate on an educational campaign for users of Second Life (this campaign is a real good start to education) and also start attending office hours of Lindens to hound them in providing CLEAR links to the DMCA portion of the website, a good KB article under the support system, and even a Torley Tutorial discussing how to file a DMCA. These would be good, and unfortunately while my opinion is not popular I do appreciate the passion and banding together of people in order to create some form of change. It's how people make things better. I believe a more pragmatic goal would be to educate plain users in 'stolen content' and how it effects original content creators, banding together to encourage brand loyalty (I prefer to purchase Duracells over Dynacells I can get at the local dollar store.), and a better awareness for new original content creators (and old!) about the DMCA process and how it works.
That's my 2L, whether it be worth that or not.

Sasy Scarborough said...

people are using the DMCA and that is taking way too long also, the other thing is that there are issues with the process from country to country and also language barriers, yes this idea is to build awareness as too often in the past there has been comments made in IM groups and too many stating 'you cant steal' or ' I didnt know you could do that' thats what needs be spread that there is theft and that people need to be aware of it .

old saying, if it sounds too good to be true it often is.

so many that bought businesses from people believed that like RL they were buying content the sellers had rights too, and when they were told the content was stolen they argued that it wasnt possible, once shown and explained that yes it was, they were so upset - this is SOME cases - were people who couldnt create believed business buying was standard .

If one person decides from these posters to NOT steal, or to pack up a store that they know they are selling stolen items in then it is WORTH IT :o)

xoxo Sasy xoxo

Thaumata said...

The issue is not whether or not you can steal things in SL. Obviously you can, you will always be able to and people will do it. The issue is that LL is very much crap about how they handle the DMCAs that they receive, doing bare minimum to protect legitimate creators or give them better ways to protect their IP.

Many designers have filed DMCA, which does two things: gives the accused their RL name and home address, and results usually in LL removing the offending vendor unless the accused files a counter-claim. Note that I said VENDOR. They are not removing accounts, freezing assets, or even something so easy as disabling various UUID textures from the grid entirely until claims are cleared up.

Here is an excellent example:

The creator of SculptyPaint sells packages of sculptie textures in world. The textures are CLEARLY watermarked as his (I have pretty much everything he's ever made) and people are still re-distributing them. He files a DMCA, and LL removes the package for sale but NEVER DOES A THING TO THE ACCOUNT OF THE PERSON WHO STOLE THEM.

Imagine if you stole a television set and the cops just took it away from you and never arrested you. That's pretty much what this is like.

It's not ok.