Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Limited Items at Clothing Fair

I just had a comment asking if there were any other 'Limited' items, prices etc things going on at Clothing Fair, so that people knew where to go to first.

I am hoping that if anyone does they will use the comments here to let others know, many many of the RFL Vendors are items that are only going to be at the Fair, or colours not available after the fair etc, things like that. DONT MISS OUT on these limited items, if they appeal to you now get them now, as you may not be able to again.

So far I know of

ShadoWiccan Designs : who has the Autumn Breeze Dress, only place in SL it can be purchased and all proceeds go to RFL... Ok just found out that this dress will be available after the fair BUT the awesome Shadow Weaver will only have it for sale at his sim eventualy in a RFL vendor meaning it will always go to charity YAY.

Awesome Designs : Petal Dresses are brand new with sculpted petals and it's $100L during this fair, that price will change after the fair, so buy them now.

Digit Darkes: Twilight Gown made for RFL and only available during the fair from the RFL Vendor.

Like I said there are sooo many incredible items, every single booth at the fair has one or more items in specialy scripted vendors that all money goes to Relay for Life, if they dont have a vendor that means that a percentage of ALL sales will be donated. GO SHOPPPPPPINGGGGGG!


Dark Eden said...

Dark Eden (that's me!) is selling a pink cephalopod silks set and an RFL belly chains set that will only be sold as long as RFL is open.

100% of the proceeds will go to RFL so please snatch them up!

Thema Felix said...

I do believe Rebel Hope is only offering the Glam gown in white exclusively at the fair. Also the men's Carlton tuxedo with bleck vest/tie and white vest/tie options are RFL exclusives.

Bossa Nova's Vera dress will only be available during RFL season (she says now thru mid-july)

I've seen others, but my blog feeds aren't working right now to go back and check.

Sasy Scarborough said...

yay thank you Prim-Cess Etain <3 Yay Dark Eden, and awesome thank you Thema thats really helpful :o)

xoxo Sasy xoxo