Friday, March 21, 2008

Big Heart Fabulous Shoes

If you are not already-like me- a HUUGE fan of Enkythings, then today is the day to start.

I have over the last year or more spent lots of time in Designer Enktan Gully's IM Box and one thing I know for sure, is he has not only incredible shoe making skills....BUT a HUUGE Heart. Today that has been shown to the grid in the form of his latest release the Fujin Saena Shoes.

I will share with you that haven't already seen it his notecard that he sent with the release of these shoes but honestly, when someone this talented creates something and lowers the price and donates it all to such a cause, you know you just have to hurry on over and grab them.

****The Fujin version of the enkythings Saena were a request by ShujinTribble Kawanishi and his 'End of Cycle for Sarcoma' team.
In May 2005 ShujinTribble lost his wife Fujin after a near 3 year-long battle against angiosarcoma, an extremely rare form of cancer. She was 34 years old and left behind a daughter and her husband. The 'End of Cycle for Sarcoma' team rides in Fujin's honour..

Mimika Oh made a Second Life version of Fujin's favorite dress, a red cheongosam. The Fujin Saena shoes were made to go with this dress. The dress is available for free on SLExchange, search for 'Fujin'.

Thank you for considering buying these shoes. Your donation will go entirely to The Ride For Roswell.

More information at:


Please get on over there and show how big your hearts are too.

Much love

xoxo Sasy xoxo


Anonymous said...

Thank you VERY much for this write up. I cannot tell you how floored I've been with the generosity that Enktan Gully and Mimika Oh have shown me in this fund raiser.

I wish you and your readers a happy spring.

We will beat this for someone else... My Word.

Shujin Tribble

Sasy Scarborough said...

I really really hope so *hugs* Enktan is a treasure that is for sure, I am so glad that you are able to do this for the memory of your wife.

Much love
Sasy xoxo