Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Got this notecard and it is useful to all

Please if you can take 2 minutes of your time to vote for this you will be doing so much to help stop content theft in SL.

Its a feature request to have a resize only option rather than Modify rights over objects. It would be an extra option available as well as modify.
Currently with Modify rights which are neccessary so you guys can fit poeples work onto your avs people can put malicious scripts inside them to copy the data and basically steal peoples hard work. Modify on Sculpty also allows the easy theft of UV maps. So please if you do anything in SL let it be to vote for this feature and you will be doing so much to protect the work of all your favourite designers!

If you are the owner of a large group in SL then even better send this out to your group thankyou.

Some help for those of you unfamiliar with the Jira on how to vote :-

Step 1 . Copy paste the above Link into your browser

Step 2. Click to Log in with your SL username and password (see attatched image) This is an offical LL Website for dealing with all bug issues and feature requests so you are safe and secure to enter your details.


Anonymous said...

Not to offend you but modify has very little to do with content theft, aside from people seeing how a certain prim is built, which I think is fair but it's up to the creator.
All SL information can easily be downloaded using an OpenGL intercepter, that's what thieves use.
I have seen a script on SLexchange that allows you to add a resizing menu to your objects while leaving them no mod.
-Shi Ember

Maegen Parvenu said...

The option to recolor, retexture, and move around prims in general would still be nice, and in that case, you're back to looking at full modify permissions. We don't all have the same proportions of head or waist, so simply resizing a hair or skirt would be useless, but a lot of paranoid designers would immediately hop on this option and leave many of us with skirts that are too wide and hair with bangs sticking into our foreheads. Just my two cents.

Sasy Scarborough said...

Anon, it would probably surprise you to know how many thieves we have come across for hair especially that never used a program at all, but have copied prim by prim off the numbers of each prim, I myself and Teagan of Savoir Hair have had a few run ins with people admitting just that, so it would definitely deter, but also help designers feel a little safer in some regards.

and yes there are resizer scripts out there, look out for the one Tigerlily is bringing out for her hair at Calla,the hud , now THAT is genius and will prove very useful.

Each option LL gives us to try and help is a deterrent in some way, finally giving us the option to make new skin and shape that could be you as creator was a huge help.

Thanks for the comments both of you , its great to see what people think about this matter :o)

xoxo Sasy xoxo

Freyja Nemeth said...

Something like this, like the resizer scripts, would be a really awkward change for many customers.

As Maegen pointed out, resize is often not enough. If I need to resize something, which I generally need to do with both hair and many clothing prims, I often need to tweak some individual prims as well (and doing it via the scripting solutions that currently exists is terribly awkward). I don't buy no mod items and I wouldn't buy resize-only items either.

On the other hand, a permission-level that allows the current range of modifications except for insertion of scripts, could perhaps be a useful solution.

Candy Flanagan said...

I agree completely with Maegen and Freyja. Often I need the ability to edit single prims to fit a piece to my avatar. Each avatar is unique and I will not conform to a standard shape. Take away my right to modify a piece to fit my unique avatar and I will shop elsewhere.

Sasy Scarborough said...

Freyja and Candy you are going to LOVE the HUD Tigerlily is going to have for Calla then :) I have tried the beta test and OMG, I was like that too, oh yeah but whatabout single prims?

Sometimes its one stray strand of hair in your ear etc, this HUD lets you click on each prim individualy, resize it, reposition it the works , every single prim is scripted and the controls are arrows for everything.

Hair up down left right, bigger smaller rotations, then same for single prims, then once done you remove scripts with the push of a button (Make copy of hair first)
and you are done, for people like me that are edit dysfunctional most of the time this HUD will be awesome. Make sure when it is out you find a way to test it.

Is hoping Tigerlily will have some sort of freebie style using it so people can really give it a go...HINT HINT Tigerlily lol

xoxo Sasy xoxo

loving all the feedback :o)

Freyja Nemeth said...

Sasy, I haven't tried the HUD version yet, but I have tried a couple of hairs and clothing items that have scripted editing of single prims, and I must say that I found it very awkward to use. I am sure some prefer it over edit, but I definitely didn't. :)

Working with percentages instead of precise numbers, having to guess at where something will end up instead of slowly nudging it over in that direction manually, and having to deal with extra lag from scripting were just some of the problems I encountered.

Another thing that Maegan mentioned, and which I also put quite a bit of value on, is the ability to reclor and retexture items (especially hairs). That's part of what I feel I am paying for when I buy an item, so taking that flexibility away would drastically reduce the chance that'd I'd buy something.

I absolutely understand the concerns of designers in SL, but I think there is a real risk that more sales will be lost to customers who feel the products are 'crippled' than to customers knowingly or unknowingly buying rip-offs.

Sasy Scarborough said...

totally agree :) I just wanted to point out that that particular hud was a lot more detailed than some have been running around saying, going by old basic resizers that didnt do prim for prim etc, I also know Tigerlily is going to be putting colourchange in hers too.

but aside from all that, I do agree that I would find it very hard to buy things that I totaly couldnt alter in any way other than scripted and I have seen first hand what LL can do to resizing scrips on a new update,and the redelivering potentialy thousands of items to customers freaking out because their items have 'broken' would be something you would have to weigh up also.

Grins at the numbers thing too , half the grid edits by number the other edits by feel, and then there is me who edits by sending hair across the sim lol

Great comments :) thank you

xox Sasy xoxo

Freyja Nemeth said...

I do absolutely agree that the resizing scripts/huds, at least the more advanced, can be a great tool for new people and for those who don't get along with edit. Trying to teach a brand new player how to use edit is a bit of a nightmare. :)

And certainly, there have been times where I have to shout for help from the fiancé while editing, as he is a lot more ... spatially aware than I am. ;)