Monday, July 19, 2010

New items @ The Deck

Fun poses by aDORKable Available at The Deck! FREE During the Pro Posers Hunt

The Strand - EliN Ad
The Strand - JacqiE Ad
New Hair by The Strand @ The Deck, two great styles for women with demos available.

Click for TP to The Strand @ The Deck

Also W.Winx and Jester J's are participating in the CAHH2 Hair Hunt, so be sure to check out their WILD Styles.

_Urbanity_ Summertime Pattern
_Urbanity_ Summertime Plain
_Urbanity_ Call on Me Plains
_Urbanity_ Call on Me Stripes
_Urbanity_ Ruffled Blacks
_Urbanity_ Ruffled Plains
Newness at Urbanity @ The Deck, these swimsuits, bikinis and sexy ruffled skirts can all be found at Urbanity @ The Deck.

Click to TP to Urbanity @ The Deck