Sunday, August 10, 2008

Secret Hair Fair Business :P and Charity Info

Hair Fair is just around the corner starting on the 22nd of August and ending on the 7th of September. I have been running around the grid setting up Charity Kiosks made by Damien Fate already, and they are not only brilliant looking but collect much needed money for Locks of Love, so if you see one drop in some spare change and feel all fluffy inside.

Also to remind you if you are wanting up to date info on Hair Fair there is a Subscrib-o-Matic machine at Hairspray sim just at the landing point HERE. So click on it for info and when the fair is just about to open we will send out the needed LM's to all four sims donated by Rezzable.

I also wanted to let you in on a little secret, this year unlike any other we have requested that ALL Hair Fair Participants put their Hair Fair release DEMO's on Onrez 24 hours prior to the Hair Fair start , this will mean that you will be able to grab them all up with ease from your own home or even from work and be able to prepare yourself for the fair.

This has as I said never been done before, and from my experience and everyones with not just Hair Fair but all big events like this one , the major issues are being prepared , so this way you will know what sim and what stores you want to hit first and having already tried on the Demo's all you will need to do is SHOP SHOP SHOP , doesn't that just sound too yummy.

So be prepared now and set up an account with Onrez ASAP HERE , I cannot wait for this and especially the day before when everyone will be oooing and aaaaing over styles they get a sneak peak of.

Any questions regarding the donation kiosks please IM me in world, if you would like to allow me to put one up in your store and you are not a Hair Creator that would be awesome too , CharitySasy String is the alt that will be used for all of the donation kiosks and Bandana's so send her an invite and a LM and a message saying where you would like it placed, thank you.

Sasy Scarborough

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